Certified Public Accountant and Virtual CFO in Central Pennsylvania


​​Navigating your business and personal finances is like navigating a ship.  You need to know where you want to go and you need a plan to get there.  And you need to know where you are along the path to your destination so you know you're steering in the right direction.
To achieve business and personal financial success, first you need to define that success, and then you need to build your plan to get there.

You need someone on your team with the right analytical tools and the expertise to use them.  And you need someone with the experience and sound judgment to sort through the data and identify what really matters and what needs to be done.  Doing this has been my job every day of my working life. 

I have the tools, knowledge, experience, and sound judgment that are essential for business and personal financial success.
I can help you achieve your goals.

I'm Ready to Join Your Team.
and Help You Achieve Your Business and Personal Financial Goals.​​
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